House Update

We’ve owned our house for over a month, and have done a ton of work to it, but I have yet to write a single blog about it or post a single photo. I have been awfully busy, but that is not the reason for the lack of posting. The problem is a lack of Internet! At the moment I am posting from my phone, therefore this will not be a very lengthy post. We have been having issues with getting out Internet connected since we bought the house. I won’t go into all of the boring details, but it came down to two things. The first was ongoing confusion about which is our new address and which was the old. And second, there was a problem with the phone lines coming in from the street which our DSL requires to connect. I got a call from this morning informing me that AT&T had finally rectified the problem, and I went to plug in the modem and router, and realized that the electrician had snipped of the plug end of the phone line because he will be adding a wall socket for the phone once the drywall is done. Arrrrggghhhh! Hopefully we can come up with a temporary fix in the meantime! Regardless, sometime in the near future I will get caught up on posting about of the projects we have completed in the house, with lots of pictures included!


Adventures in Weight Watching (Week 2)

This week I only lost .2 lbs, but at least I lost something! After so many weeks without losing, .2 lbs actually feels like a pretty huge accomplishment for me.
I’ve been pretty active lately with working on the new house, (even though I still gave not made it to the gym in a few weeks). I found a lot of the jobs we’ve been doing around the house listed in the activity points so it’s been kind of cool to be able to track all that hard work!
Unfortunately, I’ve also eaten every single activity point I’ve earned, hence the lack of any significant weight-loss. All this hard work has made me starving lately. I’m honestly not used being very hungry most of the time. Even after several hours without food, it is not typically hunger that motivates me to eat.
I’ve changed my weigh-in day from Thursday to Monday, and therefore the day my weekly points switches has also changed. This has thrown me off a bit with eating my flex points which I typically save for the weekend, but now feel like I’m running out before Monday arrives. I will give it a few more weeks and see how it goes, but may end up switching my weigh-in to Friday.
Hoping for a little more than .2 this week!

Adventures in Weight Watching (Week 1)

I just weighed in after my first week returning to Weight Watchers after more than a month off. I ended up with a 3 lb loss, which really just brings me back down to where I was before I took a break.
I’ve definitely been in a bit of a slump for several months now, and haven’t really been losing anything (up a pound one week, down one the next). I’m hoping that this break will jump start things and get me losing consistently again.
My current short term goal is to lose at least 8.4 lbs by 2/27/12. Technically, I should be able to lose more than that, but I wanted to give myself an attainable goal because I’m not really in a good position to be disappointed again!
Weight Watchers has adjusted the program slightly for 2012, but I don’t know much about it yet. The two changes I’ve heard about are that you can now eat 3 points less than before if you do not experience weight-loss on your original number (I will definitely try this if I start to plateau again) and now you can use the Simply Filling method from day to day rather than only week to week. I’ve never actually done Simply Filling, but basically it is eating only Power Foods (foods known to be filling and sustain you) and you eat until you’re satisfied, no point counting is involved. Does anyone else have a better understanding of Points Plus 2012? I’d love to hear any other information. Because my Internet access is extremely limited right now, I haven’t really been able to find out much.

Adventures in Weight Watching (Week 0)

Just a little update, I weighed in today for the first time in over 30 days and have only gained 2.4 lbs. I’m pretty pleased with myself considering 1. I have not tracked in over 30 days, 2. There were 3 holidays in between, 3. It was in the middle of the day just after lunch rather than first thing in the morning when I usually do it, and 4. Its my time of the month. That’s pretty impressive, if I do say so myself! Hopefully I’ll have a big loss after this week, since I’m technically starting all over again!

Adventures in Weight Watching

I ended up taking the last month off of Weight Watchers. Essentially, that just means I wasn’t weighing in or tracking points. It does not mean that I’ve made any drastic changes in my eating habits. One thing that did change is that I haven’t been to the gym much lately.
We’ve been in the process of moving for the last 30 days (and are far from done yet), living with family, our belonging in boxes scattered around other peoples homes, and now finally in our new home but with no kitchen. I finally found the box with my scale in it, but I’m a little nervous to step on it. We’ve mostly been eating the same things we were eating doing WW but with doing lots of eating in other peoples homes, and the holidays stuck in there, we haven’t had complete control of our food options, but we have done the best we can with what has been available.
Since its a new year, and I’m starting up again, I’m counting this as Week 1, so as long as my Internet is finally up and running at the house by then, next Monday should be my 2012, Week 1 post.


This last year has been quite an adventure for us. We started the year with Noob going to school and starting a whole new career. Thankfully, he loves it, because it was my idea! We also went into business with my siblings, and opened The Wireless Zone of Lansing back in July. That has really made some big changes in our family relationships, all for the good! We’ve spent almost the entirety of 2011 on a hunt for our first house. We finally closed on our new home on December 9th and have been working on fixing it up since then. It will definitely take at least the first couple of months of 2012 for us to complete our projects (with lots of help from our family and friends). And after that we look forward to starting some other adventures, like puppies and babies, not necessarily in that order (NO, I AM NOT PREGNANT!!!). We are definitely eager to see what 2012 has in store for us!

Just Say NO to Direct TV!!! (they don’t listen, but do it anyway)

Just had the most irritating phone call from DirecTV!!!  They called to offer me a “movers discount” on their service.  The representative insisted that I must pay a fee immediately to “lock-in” this discounted rate for tv, internet and home phone), and it would not be available at a later time.  I told her that I could not make a decision like this without my husband (we do not currently have cable, or home phone, and are happy with our current internet provider) and that I did not have the extra funds available at the moment to even make the payment, due to the fact that I am buying a house tomorrow.  She kept insisting that this is the best rate I will find and that I could be refunded later if I opted not to do it. I kept insisting that I could not make a decision like this on a whim and needed to speak with my husband and do some research to determine if this was a choice we wanted to make, AND kept reminding her that I did not even have the funds available to make the payment.  She continually interrupted me and demanded “Why would you turn down an offer this great” and I once again reminded her of my reasoning.  I told her that I felt like she was bullying me into a decision I was not prepared to make and that her behavior made me even less likely to sign up for their services in the future.  I wanted to hang up on her, but decided to ask to speak to her supervisor instead.  She put me on hold to get him, but them came back twice to try to change my mind.  After waiting for about 15 minutes I finally hung up because she have wasted enough of my phone minutes.  My hands are literally shaking as I type, I am so angry.  What is wrong with sales people that even after they are called out about pressuring, and even called a bully, they can still insist that they aren’t trying to pressure you, they just don’t want you to miss out on a fabulous opportunity.  NO, MEANS NO!!!  Next time, you’re getting the hang up!  No more Mrs. Polite from me!