Salon Juleen

Many of you have known this was coming but some did not. On Monday I finally took a big step toward following my dream!  I gave my notice at the salon and today is my very last day there! Why? You might ask… Because while renovating our new home these last few months, we have also built a beautiful home salon!  Starting next Monday, April 23rd, I will begin working in my home salon which is just down the road from the old salon!

For any clients who have future appointments already scheduled, you time slot is still being held for you at the new location.  Anyone else who would like to schedule an appointment can click the Salon Juleen link at the very top of the page, then click the blue SCHEDULE NOW button to the right.  You may also call me directly at 517-896-6814.

Salon Juleen is located in my home at 966 Haslett Rd, Haslett, MI 48840.  It is the second house to the east of Green Rd, the first driveway on the left hand side.  If you have any trouble finding it, don’t hesitate to call!

Looking forward to seeing you, and serving you, at Salon Juleen!


Stretched Too Thin

“I feel… thin. Sort of stretched, like… butter scraped over too much bread.”      – Bilbo Baggins (Lord of the Rings)

Right now, I’m feeling pulled in all directions.  There are so many things that I need to be doing and focusing on, that I feel like I’m not doing any of them very well at the moment.  I seem to be completely baffled with how to manage my own salon business, be effectively involved in the family Verizon Wireless Zone business, work on fixing up our house (which, thankfully, is nearing completion), be a loving wife, a good pet-owner, and just go about my daily responsibilities. Let alone, keeping up with my blogs, maintaining friendships, exercising and eating well, etc.

Normally I’m pretty good at multi-tasking, but when the house alone involves 101 things that need to be accomplished every single day (ok, maybe a slight exaggeration, but pretty darn close to the truth), it’s hard to fit anything else in life in!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really not complaining!  I have some pretty amazing things going on in my life!  I’m so grateful for all these blessings!  It’s just that I haven’t quite figured out how to fit them all into my life in a way that I can do them all well!  I’m not typically one to half-ass anything (I’m quite the perfectionist, for those of you who don’t already know) but I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of that lately, I don’t have the time, energy, or motivation to do much of anything well. I had no idea that buying and fixing up a house would be so much work!  It will totally be worth it all in the end, but we just didn’t anticipate a lot of the work that was involved.

***To prove my point… I’ve been working on this measly little post for over a week and this is my fourth attempt to actually finish it!***

Anyway, in the very near future I think I will need to sit down and assess and prioritize my life and figure out a way to do the important things to the best of my ability.  I have funny feeling that my life will soon take a turn for the better once this house project is completed.  I look forward to more time relaxing with my husband, time for blogging, and time for Zumba, and all the other things that have really been neglected for the last six months.

And The Interwebs Connect!

After more than 2 months without internet (due to some incredibly irritating and completely unnecessary circumstances), and our only connection to the world has been our phones, we are FINALLY back online!

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by all the things that I’ve wanted to post about in the past two months, and now feeling the need to get caught up on everything!  I’m in the midst of sorting my thoughts and organizing my photos and hope to get a start on posting about the house renovations in the next day or so, or maybe if you’re lucky I’ll have something ready later today… don’t hold your breath though!

House Update

We’ve owned our house for over a month, and have done a ton of work to it, but I have yet to write a single blog about it or post a single photo. I have been awfully busy, but that is not the reason for the lack of posting. The problem is a lack of Internet! At the moment I am posting from my phone, therefore this will not be a very lengthy post. We have been having issues with getting out Internet connected since we bought the house. I won’t go into all of the boring details, but it came down to two things. The first was ongoing confusion about which is our new address and which was the old. And second, there was a problem with the phone lines coming in from the street which our DSL requires to connect. I got a call from this morning informing me that AT&T had finally rectified the problem, and I went to plug in the modem and router, and realized that the electrician had snipped of the plug end of the phone line because he will be adding a wall socket for the phone once the drywall is done. Arrrrggghhhh! Hopefully we can come up with a temporary fix in the meantime! Regardless, sometime in the near future I will get caught up on posting about of the projects we have completed in the house, with lots of pictures included!

Design Inspiration

About the same time we started looking for a house last spring, I was introduced to Pinterest.  For those of you who aren’t yet familiar with Pinterest, it’s is an online bulletin board where you “pin” photos you find online to boards you create.  I began using it to pin design inspirations for our “Someday House”, and have since pinned a little bit (ok, maybe A LOT a bit) of anything and everything.  As we are getting closer to closing on our house, I am trying to design my home with intention so I want a plan as I begin decorating.  I don’t want to just begin purchasing things at random.  Therefore I am currently trying to figure out the reoccurring themes in what I pin to help determine what direction I want to go in decorating our home.  Here are some of those themes:




What do you think of these ideas?  Do you love ’em, or hate ’em?  I’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions!  If you’re a pinner on Pinterets, and I’m not already following your, please let me know!  I’d love to follow you!

There’s No Place Like Home

Many of you know that we’ve been house hunting for quite awhile.  We started looking some time around last February, and it’s been a very long and challenging process for us.  We’ve put offers on houses only to find out another offer was accepted just hours before they received ours.  We had an offer accepted only to have us decide to withdraw it 2 months later.  It has been such an emotional roller-coaster, as we’ve gotten excited about house after house, and then been disappointed by “losing” them.

The little house pictured above was actually the very first house we found last winter, and we immediately fell in love with it.  Trying to be responsible people, and make wise decisions, we chose not to be hasty and looked at many other houses before determining that this was the house we really wanted.  Unfortunately, by the time we went to make an offer, someone else had just snatched it up literally moments before.  We were extremely disappointed, I cried a lot and gave God a real good talking to (thankfully, He can take it and opted not to strike me down with lightening… yet!).  We then decided to put an offer on another house we had been looking at that was basically our runner-up (rebound).  Our offer was accepted, but two months later after lots of time and effort on our part, we determined that the amount of work needing to be done was more than we were willing to invest so we eventually withdrew our offer.  Once again, I felt like my heart was breaking!  At that point, I was ready to just give up and just take a break from house hunting.  We’d already looked at every single house in the area that met our requirements (and many that didn’t).  Then less than a week later, I received an email that the little house (above) that we loved so much was back on the market, apparently the previous deal had fallen through!  We immediately went to see it, to make sure that we still loved it as much after having seen so many other houses.  And YEP, we sure did!  So we put an offer in as soon as we were able (we had to change lenders twice in the midst of it, long story that I’ll save for another day).  Within 24 hours our offer was accepted and we were able to get it for $22,000.00 less than what they were originally asking for it the first time!  At this point I’m still trying not to get my hopes up about anything until it’s final… but it’s really hard!  It feels like our home, we’re already imagining puppies running through the back yard and babies sleeping in the bedrooms!   We’re picturing the life we will have together in this cute little home!

We are doing a special kind of loan (FHA 203k) that allows us to include the cost of any remodeling/renovating we do into our mortgage payment so that we don’t have to pay for it up front (or take out another loan).  This extends the purchasing process a little bit because we have to figure out what we need/want to do and calculate what it all will cost, then determine what we can do ourselves and what we will need to hire out, and come up with a very detailed proposal to be approved by the bank.  All this must happen before we can close on the house.  We currently have a closing date of December 2nd and we must close by then, otherwise we will incur fines for ever day we go past.  If we have everything ready before December 2nd we can close early, so of course we are aiming to get closed on the house as soon as possible!

We’d love it if you could keep us in your prayers about the rest of this process.  There is a lot involved and a lot of work to be done, and our frustration level (mostly mine) is already high!  Pray that this process strengthens our marriage instead of causing tension between us!  Pray that we will be able to accomplish everything that we need to in a timely manner, and that the work we need to do fits well into our budget.  Pray that if this is the right house for us, that everything will come together and that by December 2nd (or sooner) this cute little house will be ours!