“Where Have You Been?”

So it seems that I’ve desperately neglected the blog over the last year or so. I guess I kind of have an excuse because I’ve been a little busy. Here’s a quick recap of what has been going on in our lives.

  • December 2011 – We bought a foreclosed home, moved in, and began a complete renovation of the house with lots of help from our family and friends.
  • March 2012 – We got a puppy! Hank is a fun, sweet boy, but was lots of work for a while there. I guess that’s puppies for ya!
  • April 2012 – I left Changes Hair Design and finally fulfilled my dream of opening Salon Juleen in our new home.
  • June 2012 – We found out we were expecting a baby!!! I got my first official bout of “morning” sickness just hours after the positive pregnancy test, and it lasted well into my third trimester.
  • January 2013 – Beautiful Baby Emma Grace was born at 37 weeks via Emergency Cesarean Section, due to complications from Pre-eclampsia. I spent 5 days in the hospital and Emma stayed in the NICU for 10 days.
  • April 2013 (Today) – Emma is 14 weeks old, and is keeping us extremely busy, and very entertained! I’ve grown to love motherhood more and more every day, and in ways I never could have imagined!

So since we’ve had a few small life changes, I’m going to attempt to get caught up and elaborate on a few of these significant events over the next few weeks/months.


Stretched Too Thin

“I feel… thin. Sort of stretched, like… butter scraped over too much bread.”      – Bilbo Baggins (Lord of the Rings)

Right now, I’m feeling pulled in all directions.  There are so many things that I need to be doing and focusing on, that I feel like I’m not doing any of them very well at the moment.  I seem to be completely baffled with how to manage my own salon business, be effectively involved in the family Verizon Wireless Zone business, work on fixing up our house (which, thankfully, is nearing completion), be a loving wife, a good pet-owner, and just go about my daily responsibilities. Let alone, keeping up with my blogs, maintaining friendships, exercising and eating well, etc.

Normally I’m pretty good at multi-tasking, but when the house alone involves 101 things that need to be accomplished every single day (ok, maybe a slight exaggeration, but pretty darn close to the truth), it’s hard to fit anything else in life in!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really not complaining!  I have some pretty amazing things going on in my life!  I’m so grateful for all these blessings!  It’s just that I haven’t quite figured out how to fit them all into my life in a way that I can do them all well!  I’m not typically one to half-ass anything (I’m quite the perfectionist, for those of you who don’t already know) but I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of that lately, I don’t have the time, energy, or motivation to do much of anything well. I had no idea that buying and fixing up a house would be so much work!  It will totally be worth it all in the end, but we just didn’t anticipate a lot of the work that was involved.

***To prove my point… I’ve been working on this measly little post for over a week and this is my fourth attempt to actually finish it!***

Anyway, in the very near future I think I will need to sit down and assess and prioritize my life and figure out a way to do the important things to the best of my ability.  I have funny feeling that my life will soon take a turn for the better once this house project is completed.  I look forward to more time relaxing with my husband, time for blogging, and time for Zumba, and all the other things that have really been neglected for the last six months.

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Let me know if you have any problems or questions with any of the 5 options.  I hope you will keep reading!

Versatile Blogger Award

I just received The Versatile Blogger Award from Dacia, my new Weight Watching Blogging Buddy!  Dacia came across my blog just after I started blogging about my Adventures In Weight Watching.  She also blogs about her weight-loss journey.  She has been such an encouragement and an inspiration to me!  I wish she lived closer so that we could be friends IRL, I think we’d really get along… although I’d force her to get her hair cut more than once a year (see her post).  But, I digress…

The Versatile Blogger Award comes with great responsibility!  First, I must choose 7 other bloggers to pass it along to.  I read a whole lot of blogs so it was a bit difficult to choose!  So, here is a variety of the blogs which I make a point of reading every single post.

My Versatile Blogger Award recipients, in no particular order!

The second responsibility of a Versatile Blogger is to share 7 random facts about myself, so here goes:
  1. My husband, Noob, is 9 years younger than me but everyone always seems to thinks he’s the older one!
  2. I also have a health/beauty/fashion based blog called Juleen Kenney, Hair & Makeup (taking suggestions for a more creative name) where I share my expertise (and others) as a hair stylist and makeup artist (shameless self-promotion #1 🙂 )
  3. I have always hated cats, but thanks to my husband I now have two cats named Max and Zoey, and somehow I’ve grown to love them as if they were my children!
  4. Before I became a hair stylist I lived in Southern California and worked for Campus Crusade for Christ – The JESUS Film Project, an international Christian missions organization.
  5. I have recently gone into business with my older brother, and sister and all of our spouses.  We are opening a Wireless Zone  (A Verizon Premium Wireless Retailer) Franchise in Lansing, MI next month (shameless self-promotion #2 🙂 )
  6. If I wasn’t a hair stylist, I think I would have been an interior designer.
  7. My two very best friends (besides my husband, of course) are both named Heather.  One lives in another country now, and the other lives across the country from me.  I met one in college in ’97, and the other at work in ’00.  I don’t see either of them very often, and we occasionally go through long spurts without communication, but they will always be my BFF’s (yes, I realize that is redundant).
Be sure to check out Dacia’s blog, as well as my recipients of The Versatile Blogger Award!

An Ordinary Blog About My Ordinary Life

“…people will tell you that you are ordinary. That might sting sometimes, but my hope is that by your ordinary life, you will point people toward an extraordinary savior. My prayer is that your ordinariness will be so pronounced that it will be astonishing and above all, it will reveal to friends and family members and neighbors and strangers, that you’ve been with Jesus, a savior who loves doing extraordinary things with ordinary people like us.” – John Acuff (Stuff Christians Like)


Recently I read a post entitled The Ordinary, by John Acuff on the blog Stuff Christians Like.  It really connected with me and made me think about blogging, and my goal in doing it.  The above quote really summed up my purpose for writing.  I pray that my ordinary life will in some way reveal my extraordinary savior, Jesus Christ, to those of you who don’t know Him.

Hope For The New Year by Kandee Johnson

10 things to help make your new year bright:

1. Leave the hurts of 2010 where they belong… in 2010!

2. Make this year the year you make some goals – goals are dreams with deadlines!

3. Dare to be different in everything you do!

4. Encourage, compliment or say something kind to everyone you talk to.

5. Live like a leader… not a follower.

6. Stop avoiding confrontation – take control of your life and deal with all things you want to change and the ways that people treat you.

7. Make a change – in anything, relationships, your hair, career, friends.

8. Only have friends that make you a better person… some negative, rude, depressing friends, thay make you feel bad… may need to stay in 2010! (ha ha ha)

9. Dare to live life and make choices even if your not promised the outcome. (people who have changed the world or accomplished great things…did things without knowing if it would work or not!)

10. Expect greatness, seek happiness, and don’t let any circumstance, person, or situation steal your joy. You are the owner of your happiness…don’t just let any ol’ thing or person take it from you!

Click the following link for the rest of this article: Hope For The New Year (http://kandeethemakeupartist.blogspot.com/2011/01/hope-for-new-year.html) by Kandee Johnson (http://kandeethemakeupartist.blogspot.com/)