About Juleen

10 Things You Should Know About Me:

1. My husband Noob (James) and I were married on June 26, 2009

2. We are both from the Lansing area and we moved to Haslett, MI when we got married.

3. We have two cats named Max and Zoey, and a turtle named Sheldon.  For the time being, they are our only children.

4. We are in the process of buying a home just down the road from our apartment and I am excited to begin blogging about our remodeling process.

5. My husband and I started doing Weight Watchers last spring and so far he has lost 50 lbs and I have lost 30 lbs.  You can read all about our Adventures In Weight Watching by clicking the tab with that name.

6. I’m a self-employed hair stylist (salonjuleen.wordpress.com) working at a salon in Haslett.  My dream is to eventually have a salon in my home.

7. We also recently opened Wireless Zone of Lansing, a Verizon Wireless premium retailer, with my older sister and brother and their two spouses (wirelesszonelansing.wordpress.com).

8. We attend and are very involved at Riverview Church, in Holt, MI.  We are on the Welcome Team there, and are in an awesome Life Group with a bunch of great couples.

9. I am passionate about my faith in Jesus Christ, and love sharing my beliefs with anyone who is interested in hearing!

10. I love going to dinner and the movies with my husband.  I love snuggling with my cats (not so much with the turtle).  I enjoy reading books, listening to and playing music, reading and writing blogs, cooking, organizing, and watching way too many shows on Hulu and Netflix.


One thought on “About Juleen

  1. This is Juleen! Thanks for saying ‘hi’. There are not too many of us, are there? I am much older than you – could be your mother 🙂 And I am passionate about Jesus, too! My husband, Dave and I have been married 40 years, have 3 wonderful children, all married and 6 grandchildren, and one on the way. I am a native of CO, and I spend 17 years as a Children’s Pastor in Littleton, CO, at Bethany Evangelical Free Church. Seven years ago I started my own ministry – Reconnect Ministries. I am a consultant for churches and parents and my mission is to ‘reconnect the spiritual development of our children to the home’. Check out my website at http://www.juliekurz.com. Most people call me Julie . . . but I am Juleen Beth (Carlson) Kurz. Sure wish you could cut and color my hair 🙂 I need something new. We moved to Phoenix, AZ last year to be close to my father-in-law. My parents have both passed away, and we wanted to be close to my husband’s father now. Would love to keep in contact. My email is juleenb17@hotmail.com. Good to meet you via Pinterest. Not even sure how I got on it . . . and I am not doing anything on it. Will have to have my daughter help me 🙂

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