10 Things To Be Thankful For Today – (5/15/12)

10 Things To Be Thankful For Today:

(I haven’t been feeling well and have just been having a rough couple of days, so I needed a little reminder that God is good, and my life is still pretty wonderful)

1.  My husband loves me, hugs me and takes care of me… and says I’m really not that bad, even though I know I’m being extremely cranky and emotional.

2.  Air conditioning is being installed in the salon today so my clients and I can stay cool now that it’s warming up.

3.  My wonderful family has helped us immensely with making our house beautiful and livable!

4.  My new salon business is thriving!  My regular clients are coming and brand new clients keep scheduling!

5.  I FINALLY found the curtains I wanted for my living room and I am going to hang them today!

6.  I have four awesome pets, who I hope will some day love each other as much as we love them!

7.  It is a gorgeous, warm and sunny day!

8.  I was just asked to do hair for another wedding this summer!  I wish I could do wedding hair every weekend!

9.  My puppy is resting very peacefully in his crate so we can get a few things accomplished without interruption this afternoon.

10.  I have half of a Cake Batter Concrete Mixer from Culver’s in my freezer!!!


2 thoughts on “10 Things To Be Thankful For Today – (5/15/12)

    • I absolutely love what I do, and I love it even more now that I am more in control of how my business is run and the environment I work in and that my clients come into!

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