Adventures in Weight Watching (Week 2)

This week I only lost .2 lbs, but at least I lost something! After so many weeks without losing, .2 lbs actually feels like a pretty huge accomplishment for me.
I’ve been pretty active lately with working on the new house, (even though I still gave not made it to the gym in a few weeks). I found a lot of the jobs we’ve been doing around the house listed in the activity points so it’s been kind of cool to be able to track all that hard work!
Unfortunately, I’ve also eaten every single activity point I’ve earned, hence the lack of any significant weight-loss. All this hard work has made me starving lately. I’m honestly not used being very hungry most of the time. Even after several hours without food, it is not typically hunger that motivates me to eat.
I’ve changed my weigh-in day from Thursday to Monday, and therefore the day my weekly points switches has also changed. This has thrown me off a bit with eating my flex points which I typically save for the weekend, but now feel like I’m running out before Monday arrives. I will give it a few more weeks and see how it goes, but may end up switching my weigh-in to Friday.
Hoping for a little more than .2 this week!


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