Adventures in Weight Watching

I ended up taking the last month off of Weight Watchers. Essentially, that just means I wasn’t weighing in or tracking points. It does not mean that I’ve made any drastic changes in my eating habits. One thing that did change is that I haven’t been to the gym much lately.
We’ve been in the process of moving for the last 30 days (and are far from done yet), living with family, our belonging in boxes scattered around other peoples homes, and now finally in our new home but with no kitchen. I finally found the box with my scale in it, but I’m a little nervous to step on it. We’ve mostly been eating the same things we were eating doing WW but with doing lots of eating in other peoples homes, and the holidays stuck in there, we haven’t had complete control of our food options, but we have done the best we can with what has been available.
Since its a new year, and I’m starting up again, I’m counting this as Week 1, so as long as my Internet is finally up and running at the house by then, next Monday should be my 2012, Week 1 post.


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