Just Say NO to Direct TV!!! (they don’t listen, but do it anyway)

Just had the most irritating phone call from DirecTV!!!  They called to offer me a “movers discount” on their service.  The representative insisted that I must pay a fee immediately to “lock-in” this discounted rate for tv, internet and home phone), and it would not be available at a later time.  I told her that I could not make a decision like this without my husband (we do not currently have cable, or home phone, and are happy with our current internet provider) and that I did not have the extra funds available at the moment to even make the payment, due to the fact that I am buying a house tomorrow.  She kept insisting that this is the best rate I will find and that I could be refunded later if I opted not to do it. I kept insisting that I could not make a decision like this on a whim and needed to speak with my husband and do some research to determine if this was a choice we wanted to make, AND kept reminding her that I did not even have the funds available to make the payment.  She continually interrupted me and demanded “Why would you turn down an offer this great” and I once again reminded her of my reasoning.  I told her that I felt like she was bullying me into a decision I was not prepared to make and that her behavior made me even less likely to sign up for their services in the future.  I wanted to hang up on her, but decided to ask to speak to her supervisor instead.  She put me on hold to get him, but them came back twice to try to change my mind.  After waiting for about 15 minutes I finally hung up because she have wasted enough of my phone minutes.  My hands are literally shaking as I type, I am so angry.  What is wrong with sales people that even after they are called out about pressuring, and even called a bully, they can still insist that they aren’t trying to pressure you, they just don’t want you to miss out on a fabulous opportunity.  NO, MEANS NO!!!  Next time, you’re getting the hang up!  No more Mrs. Polite from me!


One thought on “Just Say NO to Direct TV!!! (they don’t listen, but do it anyway)

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