Top 10 Signs You’re Dating The Wrong Guy

I just read 10 Signs To Know You’re Dating The Wrong Guy by Kandee Johnson (one of my favorite beauty bloggers) and decided it would be fun to write my own version.

Top 10 Signs You’re Dating The Wrong Guy:

10. He can’t stop talking about his ex, who he’s clearly still in love with, even though he states the opposite.

9. He is laid off from his job and spends all of his unemployment check on baseball cards, while you buy his groceries, put gas in his car, and take him out for dinner.

8. He decides to quit his job and travel for three months, leaving you behind.

7. He goes on vacation with YOUR friends, and spends the entire trip hanging out with some girl he met on the beach, while you had to stay home because your couldn’t afford the trip or the time off of work.

6. He promises to break up with the girl he’s dating if you’ll go out with him, or asks you out while he knows you’re seeing another guy.

5. He has sex with another girl while he’s dating you, after promising you he’s willing to save sex for marriage.

4. He is only available to see you after 10 pm, and never out in public.

3. He has two different phone numbers, and you’re only allowed to call his “work number”.

2. He has an ex-wife he never told you about, who may not officially even be an ex yet.

1. He constantly pressures you to do things you are not comfortable with or are morally opposed to, even after your explain the reasons why you will not do them.

I had quite a dramatic dating life prior to marrying my dear husband (although he admittedly gave me a bit of drama as well, before deciding it was time to grow up and settle down, I would like to make it very clear that NONE OF THESE ARE BASED ON HIM).

Some of these are about guys I was in long-term relationships with, some I dated casually, some are guys I was just interested in, and some are based on more than one guy!

The point is, now years later, I can laugh about all the crazy heartbreak I went through.  I know some of these are really no laughing matter, but I’m able to look back and see my own naivety and the terrible choices I made when it came to the guys I dated. At the time, I thought that there was something wrong with me (other than my bad taste in men) but now I’m smart enough to know that nothing on my part (or anyones part) warrants being cheated on, being unknowingly made the cheater, being lied to, being taken advantage of, or taken for granted, or just plain being treated like crap!

If you’re dating someone who doesn’t treat you like you’re the best thing since sliced bread, who doesn’t speak honorably of you to others when you’re not around, who doesn’t respect your morals and the boundaries you set in the relationship, then they don’t love you!  They love themselves and want only what they can get from you and your relationship!

RESPECT YOURSELF, and LOVE YOURSELF enough to wait for the person who is going to honor you, and value you like you deserve!

(MOM, if you’re reading this… THIS is why I never wanted to talk about it after a breakup!!!  Ha ha!)


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