Adventures In Weight Watching (Week 26)

Well, once again it’s my time of the month (or first time of the month, in my case) so I had a little gain of 0.4 lbs.  Hopefully I will see a bigger loss next week after the bloating dissipates.

I just realized that I have been terrible at posting about my husband’s progress so I figured it was time for a little update on him.  First of all, at this point he is not really tracking his points anymore, he is just eating a lot better because of the food options that are available to him in our house these days and because he has a wife lovingly reminding him about how much he eats, and sweetly urging him to drink more water and consume more fruits and veggies.  It’s true, I promise!  😉  Anyway, he has managed to lose over 50 lbs and is now about 5 lbs less than I am (and about the same height).  I have to just keep reminding myself that thankfully I am now the only one of us who has boobs, and that counts for my 5 extra pounds!  That works, right? (My husband just corrected me and said that counts for like 25 lbs in my case, lol.  Dear God, I hope not, but that would certainly explain the back problems!)

A couple of days ago I finally tried on a pair of brand new jeans that I bought last spring several sizes too small that I’ve been working my way into.  To my great surprise, they are actually huge on me!  A friend actually made fun of how saggy the butt was!  So apparently, even though I haven’t been losing a lot of poundage lately I’ve been losing a lot of inches.  I really wish I had measured myself from the start because I have no idea where I started and it seems a little pointless to measure myself now that I’m halfway through.  I might anyway one of these days though.

I’ve been drinking what seems like excessive amounts of water lately and so the bowel troubles appear to be improving.  I’m still not totally back to normal but it’s becoming more consistent.  Thanks for those of you who gave suggestions!  I’m realizing that since I’ve always been one to drink a lot of water (the “suggested” daily amount), that if I’m consuming a lot more fiber than I used to I need to drink significantly more water than average.  I’m peeing constantly, but it seems to be doing the job!

Recently my husband and I came across these photos from his graduation in March of 2011 (I don’t know what is going on with my eye in the picture, it didn’t look like that in real life, but who’s paying any attention to my eye when you’ve got all those chins to admire.)

When I saw these photos right after they were taken, I realized for the very first time just how big I/we had actually gotten and it made me cry!  It was just a few days weeks later that we finally started Weight Watchers.

The above and below photos are from this past Sunday after having lost almost 30 lbs (Juleen) and over 50 lbs (Noob).  We still have a ways to go (me more than him) but seeing this made me realize what a difference we have already made!


3 thoughts on “Adventures In Weight Watching (Week 26)

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  2. I remember ignoring pictures of me, finally I just could not take it anymore, the camera doesn’t lie that much. Thirty pounds wow and you look amazing!!! I think you should start measuring, it’s fun to see progress every month in something other than that ugly scale!! Sounds like you need to go shopping!!!

    On to that #2 side of things, I’ve added more water and I’m doing better too, thanks so much for turning on that light bulb for me!!!

    • I never felt like I looked as bad in the mirror as I did in photos! Thanks, I really FEEL amazing now! Maybe after my weigh-in this week I will do some measuring. I’m getting a little tired of shopping, because it seems like I buy something and wear it a couple of times and then it’s too big. I guess I could think of worse problems to have! 😉
      Glad the water is helping! I’m doing a lot better too now!

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