Adventures In Weight Watching (Week 25)




Ugh, where has the time gone?  It’s been soooo many weeks since I’ve posted!  I actually didn’t even know what week I was on, had to count!  This week I lost 0.6 lbs for a total of 27.8 lbs.  I’ve only lost about 7 lbs total in the last two months, and I’ve been getting a little frustrated.  It’s been back and forth, up and down a pound or two each week lately.

In my last post I alluded to some “health issues” which were complicating my weight-loss and I had a lot of questions about that.  I really didn’t want to get into it, but since you asked… and since this might be something that others of you have had to deal with, I figured I’d get down and dirty and tell you all about it.  I’VE BEEN CONSTIPATED!!!  I’m talking hard-core constipation, for weeks on end!  I’ve been bloated, and gassy, and I feel like I have to poop all the time, but I’m lucky if I can squeeze out a marble every now and then (hey, you guys asked!!!).  It was all very strange because I eat a FiberOne bar for breakfast every morning (and typically end up eating another one at some point in the day), and eat ungodly amounts of fruits and veggies each day.  You’d think I’d have the exact opposite problem.  After I  a few weeks of this, I started taking fiber pills every morning, still to no avail.  Then I tried laxatives, and that didn’t even help!  Lastly (at my mother, the nurse’s insistence) I resorted to giving myself an ENEMA!!!  Oh how horrifying and terrible that was (I did it while my husband was at work because the whole process is just not something I wanted him to partake of).  That cleared me out for a minute, but after about 48 hours I was all bound up again.  Let me make myself very clear… I’m not posting this because I’ve had some wonderful revelation about what caused the constipation and how to fix it.  NO, unfortunately the problem still persists.  What I’m looking for is YOUR HELP!!!  Has anyone else had similar issues while dieting, specifically doing Weight Watchers?  Does anyone have any suggestions for how to relieve this problem?  I’ve been forcing myself to drink extra water (beyond the usual 8-10 servings a day) and that is helping a little bit, but I am still far from regular.  Please post your recommendations in the comments here on my blog, or send them to me directly via

BTW, the morning after the enema, I weighed in having lost 9 lbs!  Just take a moment and ponder that!  My weight kept going up and up for a couple of weeks despite faithfully sticking to “the plan”, so thankfully since then it is slowly creeping back down.

I’ll keep you updated!


7 thoughts on “Adventures In Weight Watching (Week 25)

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  3. I have problems with that too and I recommend drinking lots of water and cook your vegetables. Raw veggies can add to the yucky bloated feeling. You might want to visit your doctor too, just to rule out anything serious that might be happening. Drink lots and lots of water!! 🙂 Hope you feel better!!

  4. ah man, you know I’ve just been thinking that I think I’m getting stopped up, too much info I know, but you started it!!! I think I’m going to try drinking more water, maybe the Miralax. Why would adding more fiber (which I have done too) stop you up?? Are you doing any better now. What have you tried?

    • I would say I’m still not “regular” but it’s getting better. I’ve been drinking lots of water and taking a fiber supplement every day and that seems to help. Extra fiber requires extra water, otherwise you will just get bloated and bound up.

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