Adventures In Weight Watching

It’s been several weeks since I’ve posted about my Adventures in Weight Watching.  For anyone who may be concerned, I am still doing Weight Watchers!  A couple of things have prevented me from posting.  First of all, I’ve just been really busy and taking a break from blogging (both here and on my salon blog) to focus my attention on my family’s new business and on trying to buy a house.  Secondly, I’ve had some health issues the last several weeks (no worries, nothing serious) that have affected my food consumption and weight loss, and I just really haven’t felt up to posting about it.

In the mean time I have recently switched to an online membership with Weight Watchers and so I will no longer be attending weekly meetings.  This means I will need even more accountability so I have every intention of getting back to blogging again asap. There are a couple of reasons why I opted to switch from meetings to online.  The first and biggest reason is purely financial.  I can do WW online for a whole month for about the same price as one week of meetings, as we are trying to buy a new house, we need to cut back on spending as much as possible right now.  Secondly, I was having issues with attending meetings lately due to some changes in my life schedule. Thirdly, I’ve been noticing what a difference my clothing can make in my weigh-ins and so by weighing myself in the privacy of my own home I can get more accurate results.  And lastly, I’ve also realized that sometimes in the limited time I have available to attend a weigh-in, I am not in the best position to be weighed (bloated from sodium or pms, a full stomach or bowels, etc.) and so weighing-in at home allows me a little more flexibility as to when I am weighed and ensures that I am at my best when I do it!

I intend to weigh-in on Thursday (my regular weigh-in day) and will resume posting again soon after.  If you have any questions about my decision to switch from Weight Watchers Meetings to Weight Watchers Online, feel free to ask!


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