Adventures In Weight Watching (Week 17)

Back down 2 lbs this week for a total of 20.4 lbs lost.  I should be pleased with that, and REALLY, I am… but I was just really hoping to see a little more of a loss after last weeks gain.  I’m in the of re-adjusting my goals again.  Hopefully I will have that all changed by next week. Two of my short term goals are: #1 to reach my 10% goal (another 2.6 lbs) by August 18 (2 weeks), and #2 to lose another 4.6 lbs by Labor Day (September 5th) for a total of 25 lbs lost.

Saturday was The Warrior Dash.  It was both the most amazing, and most horrifying experience I’ve ever had!  It was so incredibly hot that day, which just made everything more difficult.  I didn’t run very much of the 5k, because in that heat I just wanted to reach the finish line.  The obstacles were crazy!  I skipped one.  It was a wall you had to get over with the assistance of a rope.  I have a bad shoulder (previously dislocated) and trying to get up the wall was making it hurt so I finally just let go and went around.  This was one of the first obstacles so I was concerned that if I continued up the rope that I would not be able to use my arm properly in some of the other obstacles.  There were two obstacles that stand out in my mind at this point.  The first was “running” through a mud pit.  It was waist deep at points and was thick, heavy muck that sucked you down deep into it.  Many people lost their shoes in it, and I’m quite surprised that I got out of it with mine still on.  On the other side of the pit was a steep, slippery hill.  Thankfully they had a few ropes, otherwise I never would have made it out of the pit!  The second one that stands out was another wall, but this one had finger/toe grips and was much easier to climb.  The reason it stands out though, was the dismount!  There was a rope that you had to swing out on and drop into a mound of hay.  I am mildly afraid of heights, and for some reason this one really freaked me out.  I kept picturing myself landing and snapping my ankle or my knee (I have problems with both from previous injuries) and so I had to sit there for a few minutes and psych myself up to grabbing that rope and letting go.  I heard later that a girl actually did break her ankle on that, so I felt a little less ridiculous about my freak out!  Anyway, this was a crazy event!  My husband was amazing, he waited patiently for me and helped me through many of the obstacles.  We are hoping to participate again next year.  Hopefully by then I will be to my goal weight and will be in much better physical condition!


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