Adventures In Weight Watching (Week 16)

Ugh!  Back up 2.8 lbs this week.  Once again, I’m on my period.  For those of you who might have noticed, I don’t have a normal menstrual cycle (I have it much more frequently than the average woman and it also lasts longer) and so this has really been a bit of a hinderance in my weight loss.  I had really hoped that I would get to my 10% weight-loss goal this week, but unfortunately I went in the opposite direction.

I’ve asked a number of people for suggestions for how to deal with weight loss during my period, including leaders at my meeting, and haven’t really gotten a satisfactory answer.  Basically, what I’m hearing is that there is no solution!  The only suggestion I’ve received is to not weigh in during my period, purely because it’s been so discouraging to see that number go up.  I’m not sure what I will decide to do.  I’d love to hear your suggestions if you’ve got anything different for me!  Do YOU weigh in during your TOM?

This was my 16th consecutive week of attending Weight Watchers.  This is an achievement that they celebrate at the meetings.  I received a charm for a keychain (that I will actually receive when I lose 25 lbs).  That was the high point of my meeting today.

In two days, I am participating in The Warrior Dash.  It is a 5k race, but is also an obstacle course.  It’s supposed to be about 95 degrees on Saturday.  I’m really nervous about it.  I really had hoped to be at least 17 lbs lighter at this point, and also had planned to do a lot more training.  Unfortunately a combination of the insane heat lately, and having just opened a new business, I have not trained like I wanted to.  At this point, my goal is to just make it through the race and not be last!


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