Adventures In Weight Watching (Week 13)

Well, apparently eating less points while on my period was not the solution!  I managed to GAIN 2.6 lbs this week. I am going to weigh myself again in the morning to see if there is any change because 24 hours before my weigh in my weight was almost 6 lbs lighter.  During that 24 hour span I ate both Chinese food and Mexican food, both of which typically tend to be very high in sodium , so I suspect that they caused a bit of water weight.  I did not eat any of my Flex Points this week, and ate on average 5 points less than my daily allotment.  Clearly, this was not in any way beneficial to me.  I think I may just need to keep eating as usual during my TOM and just deal with whatever results may come.  Next week I’m going back to eating as many of the Flex Points as I want, and eating all of my daily point allotment.  Hoping for some better results next week!

Despite this weeks “gain”, my clothes are getting looser and looser!  Some capri pants I just bought this summer are already falling off of me, and many of my shirts that I haven’t worn in two summers are now fitting perfectly.  I am down two pant sizes, and two band sizes in my bra (cup size has not yet changed)!  Last week at my weigh in, several people commented on how my clothes were just hanging off of me and at this weeks meeting someone actually told me I looked fabulous!  I’ve been told that I really need to start measuring myself because apparently it is common to continue to lose inches even when you aren’t losing pounds.


3 thoughts on “Adventures In Weight Watching (Week 13)

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  2. Yes, sounds like you should be measuring and it sounds like you should go shopping. Remember muscles weigh more than fat and muscles boost your metabolism, yahoo, and oh, they look pretty good too. Two pant sizes, two bands on the bra and no cup change, you a lucky girl!! I wonder what will happen to my cup size??? More good results are headed your way!!

  3. I keep buying smaller clothes, and then I shrink right out of them. I actually WISH my cup size would go down a bit, I definitely have plenty to spare, but back when I was 75 lbs lighter they were still the same size!

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