Adventures In Weight Watching (Week 12)

(Just realized that last weeks update was written but for some reason it never actually posted, so here is Week 12’s update, a week late)

This weeks Weigh In resulted in no change in weight for me.  I just started my period a couple of days ago so I was not really surprised.  I had planned on trying to eat less (or none) of my Flex Points this week, but forgot that I would be away for the weekend at a wedding.  Yes, I DID eat wedding cake and ate several meals while out of town that were not particularly low points since I was being fed in someone’s home.  I guess I’m just glad I didn’t gain this week.  Next week I am going to again attempt to not eat all of my Flex Points.  Because I will still be on my period for part of the week, I may try to eat a few less points each day to see if I can manage to avoid having a gain again.


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