Give Away From Wireless Zone of Lansing!

If you haven’t checked out the Wireless Zone of Lansing (Jolly/Dunckel) page, you definitely should now!  We’re giving away a prize! Check out the Hand-e-Holder… We just saw a great demo of these and you’re really going to want one! Go to the page and become a fan, if you aren’t already.  First find the link to the Hand-e-holder on our page, then post your comments below it about how the Hand-e-holder would make your tablet experience better. We will pick a winner this Friday… It’s a $39.99 Value!



3 thoughts on “Give Away From Wireless Zone of Lansing!

  1. It’s Friday and I am not sure if you picked a winner yet or not but if you haven’t here is my entry:

    I would like this because I am buying myself an iPad for Christmas and I know this is an accessory I would love to have. I know I will be using the iPad to write my blog posts and this will help strap it down and keep it level. Also, I know it will be great for when I am just sitting around surfing the interwebs…LOL! Anywho, I know it seems weird to enter a contest for an accessory for an item I don’t even have but I know I will have one soon and this would just be great to have too. 🙂

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