Adventures in Weight Watching (Week 11)

Isn’t that just the truth sometimes?  More so before I started doing Weight Watchers, thankfully!

This last week was a REALLY good week for me!  I lost 3 lbs, for a total of 17.8 lbs!  I finally got past 15 lbs, which was a goal of mine and hopefully I’m just a few more weeks away from my next goal of 10% weight-loss (23 lbs).  I can attribute this weeks weight-loss to two different things.  1) We did not go out to eat, attend any special events, or eat any thing that I was not able to accurately track.  AND 2) I did not use all 49 of my Flex Points, I only used about half.  Those two things seem to go hand-in-hand in my book, most of my Flex Points usually go toward dining out, or for special events for those foods I just really have no idea how to track.

On the subject of Flex Points (and Activity Points, for that matter), you don’t HAVE to use them all… or any of them really!  Your Daily Points Plus total is what you’re SUPPOSED to eat each day, the Flex and Activity Points are just what you CAN eat and still continue to lose weight.  Obviously, if you use only your daily points and not the others, you will typically lose much more rapidly.  I have generally been eating ALL of my extra points (just because I can), but am realizing that maybe I should limit myself on how many I use.  I’m gonna aim to use less of those Flex Points for the next week again and see if I can get another high weight-loss week!


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