How Far You’ve Come…

“If you’ve lost one pound. If you’ve lost a hundred pounds. If you’ve kicked your junk-food habit. If you’ve eaten a vegetable today. If you walked a block today. If you ran a mile. If you put down a glass of Coke. If you drank five glasses of water. If you’ve cut 1000 calories or if you’ve cut 100, take a second to marvel at how far you’ve come and how far you’re able to go.”


2 thoughts on “How Far You’ve Come…

  1. Today I reached my 30 pounds lost mark which is very exciting. It’s nice seeing results on the scale but they aren’t the only victories and I try to remember how equally important it is that I can walk long distances, complete hour long workouts, ride a bike for 20+ miles, etc. and that I feel good after I eat because the food I am putting in is healthy and is helping my body. All of these things are the accomplishments that make me proud to be on this journey. Thank you!

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