Adventures In Weight Watching (Week 8)

Woo Hoo! After predicting that I would gain this week due to terrible eating, and a lack of tracking over the holiday weekend, I still managed to pull off a 0.6 lb loss (for a total of 14 lbs lost)! Granted, I worked really hard the rest of the week, adding a bit of physical activity and trying to eat healthier things within my daily points limit.

An interesting thing happened this morning at my meeting. The leader actually told me that she would like me to consider becoming a Weight Watchers Leader when I meet my goal weight. She has been impressed with my weight-loss and my ability to recruit others to join the program! I don’t know what all would be involved with that, but I’d definitely be willing to look into it.

I’ve started using my Wii Fit Plus again this week (it had been a long while, and it let me know it), as part of my plan to move more! I’ve decided that I LOVE step aerobics (on the Wii), who knew? I’d also like to try Wii Zumba Fitness. I’ve heard great things about it, and just Zumba in general, but I’ve never had the nerve to go to a class because I’ve got no rhythm, and I’m not particularly coordinated. Doing it from the privacy of my padded (kidding) living-room sounds much safer!

I’ve also been trying to psych myself up to start a Couch-to-5K program, since I have about 8 weeks until I run The Warrior Dash. Today I measured out the distance around the lake we live on, and realized that if I go around it 3 times, it’s almost exactly a 5K. Time to get going on that, especially now that the weather is improving.

Hoping to lose at least another pound this week so I can get another 5 lb sticker for 15 lbs of weight-loss! I’ll let you know if that happens after next Thursday!


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