Swimsuit Shopping

I DESPISE shopping for swimwear!  Even when my body is in good shape, shopping for swimsuits is difficult. Either the torso is too short for my tall body, the leg holes are cut too high or the top too low for my level of modesty.

A few years ago, I was shopping at Ross while on vacation in California, and randomly came across a simple black shirred bathing suit that I absolutely loved. Last summer, to my dismay, I discovered that I had worn through the backside of the suit causing it to be entirely see-through (hopefully, I caught it before I mentally scarred of some poor child at our neighborhood pool).

Last week, my husband and I happened to be doing a little shopping and I spotted a suit that looked almost exactly like my beloved swimsuit, only with wider straps (definitely a bonus). I decided to try it on, preparing myself to be depressed, but knowing I had nothing to wear this summer if I didn’t find a new suit.  To my amazement, the suit actually looked pretty fabulous.  I had even selected a size that I expected to be a little too small, but it actually looked surprisingly good, VERY slimming!  Granted, I don’t look nearly as good as the girl in the picture, but I didn’t look bad either!  The fabric was very tight woven, and the elastic is quite snug (not TOO snug) so that I  should be able to wear it throughout the summer even as I continue to lose weight.

For a better view of the shirring go to the Kohl’s website and either zoom in on the picture, or look at the navy blue version where it is more visible in photo.


Reebok at ShopStyle

2 thoughts on “Swimsuit Shopping

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  2. Yay! That’s awesome. I hate, hate, hate swimsuit shopping. It looks like you did well though. I am sure you look fantastic in your new suit!

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