Adventures In Weight Watching (Week 3)

It’s been a crazy week and this is the first chance I’ve had to sit down and write about my weigh in, etc. since Thursday.  I actually wasn’t even able to stay for the Weight Watchers meeting itself this week because I had to run off to another meeting, but I stopped in briefly just to weigh in.  This week I only lost .5 lb.  I wasn’t at all surprised because I knew that I had overdone it a bit over the weekend with a birthday party and Easter.  I was a little down on myself at first but then a friend of mine reminded me that I had lost “2 sticks of butter” off my body this week.  That thoroughly grossed me out, but definitely put things in perspective.  I realized that as long as the number on the scale keeps going down, it doesn’t matter whether it’s half a pound or 4 pounds!  I’m just glad the numbers keep going in the right direction!

This week I recruited 3 friends to start Weight Watchers with me!  I’m so excited and so proud of them for deciding to join me!  I wish them all great success!

That’s all I’ve got time for now, hopefully I’ll be able to get a post out on time next week!


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