Adventures In Weight Watching (Week 1)

Today was my first weigh in after my first week of Weight Watchers.  I lost 4 lbs!!!  Apparently, that’s a big deal!  They did tell me not to expect that on a regular basis though, usually your first week is high.  I was actually quite surprised.  I would actually have been less surprised if they had told me that I had gained weight this week.  I feel like I’ve been gorging myself all week!  The number of points I’m allowed (supposed to eat) each day seems like a whole lot of food in comparison to what I’m used to eating.  Granted, I’m making much better choices about the types of food I’m eating, and I’m learning a lot of shocking things about portion sizes!  Most days at dinner time I still have a ton of points left so I’ve been eating extra food, or even dessert to try to get close to my total.  Each week you get an additional 49 points above and beyond your daily allotment.  These points can be spread out over the week to give yourself additional points each day, or you can use them to have a “Cheat Day”.  We chose to use out extra points over the weekend.  I had pizza for dinner on Friday (only 2 slices) and then Sunday we had Life Group at our house and served a few higher point items to our guests, and then went to a Chinese Buffett for dinner.  I did not use all of my extra points this week, but came quite close.  I talked with our leader about the number of points I’m eating, and asked whether it was important to eat all, or close to all, of my daily points or whether I should just eat until I’m comfortably full.  She said that it is important that I am getting enough Healthy Checks (daily servings of fruits/veggies, water, dairy, oils, etc) throughout the day, and as long as I’m doing that I should not force myself to eat more than I’m comfortable with just to eat up my points.  That is good to know! By the way… my daily points just decreased by 1 point today!

My husband has been losing weight too, but I don’t have his exact totals so I’ll update that later!



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