Adventures In Weight Watching (Week 0)

Today I went to my first official Weight Watchers meeting where I actually signed up and got weighed in.  I liked how they were very private about the weigh in and no one else is around when you do it.  I’m not particularly self-conscious about it, but I am sure it would be a real turn off for some people if others could see/hear their weigh in.  I was surprised by the number of points I get to start.  This Points Plus program is definitely different from the old way.  I’m excited about being able to eat lots of fruits, as they are now 0 points.  I love fruit, but I know that I don’t get nearly enough of it in my diet.  My husband is going to be doing it along with me, even though he will not be attending the meetings.  He is about an inch taller than me, and only weighs 10 lbs more, but is 9 years younger.  That all calculates out to him having and extra 15 points from me!  I guess that’s a good thing since anyone who knows him know that he probably eats those 15 points in his sleep!  We’re going grocery shopping asap so we can stock up on more fruits and veggies and get some low point snacks!  We switches our e-mealz program over to their Portion Control plan which lists the Points Plus with each meal, so that will also help us with grocery shopping and meal planning.  Looking forward to seeing some great results!


One thought on “Adventures In Weight Watching (Week 0)

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