What Have We Been Up To???

I haven’t posted much recently, and a lot has happened but I just haven’t been in blogging mode.  Here’s an update on a few of the things going on in our lives lately:

*  Noob became a Certified Nurse Aide (CNAplus).  He took a course through DRM International Learning Center and was able to complete the entire course while he was laid off and he passed his state boards exam last week.  I am so proud of him for all his hard work!  He started back to work landscaping at CLM this week and will continue working there until he finds a CNA position.  Please pray for him that he will be able to find a job quickly!  We have a few connections, but if anyone knows of any jobs available we’d appreciate the info!

*  My dad finally had the pain pump inserted in his back yesterday.  The process of getting to this point was more than a little frustrating, but we are relieved that it finally happened!  It’s too soon to tell how well it is working, and the doctors will need to gradually adjust his meds until they find the proper dosage, but we’re hoping for some great results.  Pray that he would have a quick recovery and would finally experience some relief!

*  Business has been going well for me.  I’ve still been doing a lot of networking and have continued to grow my business with new clients.  I have also made some recent changes to the way I schedule clients.  I am now doing all of my own scheduling, rather than relying on the receptionists at the salon to do it.  In the future, if you would like to schedule a hair appointment with me you may either call me directly at 517-896-6814, or you may schedule online.  You can either go to my Facebook Business Page, Juleen Kenney, Hair Stylist and click the Schedule Now link in the left column under the profile photo, or go to my business blog Juleen Kenney, Hair & Makeup and click the Schedule Now button on the right side of the page.


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