Adventures In Weight Watching (Week -1)

This morning I visited a Weight Watchers meeting with a friend of mine.  She has been doing it for a little while and has been quite successful so far, so I decided to check it out with her today.  I think I’m gonna go again next week and actually sign up for it, I just have to talk to the hubby and make sure he agrees with the expense!  For this, I’m sure he will be.  I’m really hoping that he will also want to do Weight Watchers with me, because we’ve both really been trying to lose weight and don’t want a quick fix!  I’ve done all the diets and programs where you lose weight really fast but then it’s nearly impossible to maintain.  Weight Watchers seems like more of a lifestyle, something I can do for the long term!  Wish me luck!


One thought on “Adventures In Weight Watching (Week -1)

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