PLEASE pray for my dad, Frank Luter, today!  After several extremely difficult weeks of withdrawing from all of his pain medications, he was supposed to finally be having his pain pump inserted later on today.  Just this morning they were informed that he was required to have met with a psychologist beforehand, which they failed to mention to him, and now the surgeon is refusing to perform the surgery.  Please pray that either the surgeon will have a change of heart and will decide to continue with the surgery as planned, or that my dad will be able to consult with a psychologist very soon so that the procedure does not have to be put off for too long.  Pray for my dad who has been suffering terribly that he will be able to endure a few more days of extreme pain and withdrawal if the surgery must in fact be rescheduled.

Thank you!


2 thoughts on “PLEASE PRAY FOR MY DAD!!!

  1. Julene,

    I am so sorrow to hear about your Dad. Please know that I will be keeping not only your Dad but your whole family in my thoughts and prayers. I know how it is to see a loved one suffer, and when its your Dad, or Mom, the suffering is a hundred fold.

    Our parents are the ones we came to in a time of trouble, sought out when we had boo-boos, and their kiss made it all better. Now when they are ill our kiss doesn’t make all better for them and we feel totally impotent when trying to be helpful.

    God bless you, Juleen, Noob, and all your family: furry and otherwise

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