Rob Bell – Love Wins

I am appalled by the number of people who are so quick to pass judgement on Rob Bell without having even read his book. From what I have seen in his life (yes, I know him personally), his teachings, and his books, I have no reason to believe he is a “Universalist”. For anyone who is unfamiliar with his style, he is known for stirring the pot and often asking difficult and uncomfortable questions. Just because the question may appear to have an implied answer, doesn’t mean you don’t wait for the answer to be given! Let’s wait and see what he has to say before we start throwing stones!

UPDATE:  Check out this post by JR Woodward

UPDATE:  And this one from Brian LePort on Near Emmaus


3 thoughts on “Rob Bell – Love Wins

  1. I don’t disagree with what you say at all, but I will say that Bell’s tendency to ask those pot-stirring questions without offering helpful direction (which does seem to be his m.o.) is what gets him in hot water with many of his critics – and me, even though I’m only critical with things he says I disagree with.

    In this case, he might be suffering at the hand of his own provocative nature. But I do think we should wait until the book is published and read before we cast any judgment.

  2. If there is such a ‘place/state’ as eternal torment in hell, than poor, insane Andrea Yates had it exactly right and all the rest are just B team player wanna be’s.

    If eternal torment in hell is real, we need only one page in the Bible and it says TURN OR BURN. I mean, why complicate things? (gee, thanks God!)

    When did “if you eat you shall surely die” morph into “you shall surely burn forever and ever in the torments of an eternal hell”?

    As far as universal reconciliation being an unBiblical, heretical, minority opinion goes …

    I think what is fundamentally at issue here is the concept of free will. Personally, my will didn’t have a shred of freedom until God boxed me in a corner and “made me” choose Him. Self-will, yes, but free? Not in the slightest.

    Why do humans demand they have a free will? Aren’t there more than enough scriptures that prove God is the one in ultimate control of everything, even the hearts of the kings? Why not just accept that and go for the ride?

    Oh, perhaps because of the hell issue? How can one relax and enjoy the ride if one believes there is such a thing as eternal torment in hell? Most would *have* to come up with elaborate “free-will, choice” scenarios in light of that.

    All I’ve seen the belief in a free will do in the evangelical community, is give them the “right” to manipulate and pressure folks into “choosing” Jesus.

    The real issue is, what happens at THE END? The scriptures on my website bear out that GOD WINS in the end through Christ Jesus. If there is a ‘hell’, it can not be ‘eternal’. End of story.

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