A Big Step In The Right Direction

I haven’t really posted much in the last few weeks because things have been a little crazy around here.  Mostly a lot of good and exciting stuff, but a few things that I’m just not quite ready to post about yet.

One thing I am VERY excited to share is that my dear husband, Noob, started his first day of school this morning!  He is getting his CNA+ training at DRM Genesis in Lansing.  It is a 6 week full time program, with 4 weeks in the classroom and 2 weeks of clinicals.  By the end of March, he could have a whole new career!  We’re both very excited!  From what we’ve been told, the typical starting wage is several dollars an hour more than he is currently making… AND (drum roll please) it’s year around work!  What a concept! HA!  He will most likely work three 12 hour shifts a week, so for a while he will continue doing landscaping part time.

We are thrilled by the thought of how this could WILL change our lives for the better and help us to more quickly reach some of our financial and life goals!

  • #1 GOAL – Pay down a lot more debt.
  • #2 GOAL – Buy a house.
  • #3 GOAL – Start a family.
  • And lots more I’ll share at a later date!

Please pray for Noob about his schooling that he would enjoy his time, be motivated to work hard, and that he would do well!  Pray also for us as we work toward our goals as well as for some other exciting opportunities that have recently come our way (more on that as things progress).  Pray that we will make wise decisions about everything we do, that God would be the center our decisions, and that HE would be glorified through it all!

UPDATE:  I forgot to mention that he also received a pell grant to cover the cost of tuition and supplies!  That was a big answer to prayer for us!


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