An Ordinary Blog About My Ordinary Life

“…people will tell you that you are ordinary. That might sting sometimes, but my hope is that by your ordinary life, you will point people toward an extraordinary savior. My prayer is that your ordinariness will be so pronounced that it will be astonishing and above all, it will reveal to friends and family members and neighbors and strangers, that you’ve been with Jesus, a savior who loves doing extraordinary things with ordinary people like us.” – John Acuff (Stuff Christians Like)


Recently I read a post entitled The Ordinary, by John Acuff on the blog Stuff Christians Like.  It really connected with me and made me think about blogging, and my goal in doing it.  The above quote really summed up my purpose for writing.  I pray that my ordinary life will in some way reveal my extraordinary savior, Jesus Christ, to those of you who don’t know Him.


2 thoughts on “An Ordinary Blog About My Ordinary Life

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