Where’s My Kitty?

Usually when I/we come home the kitties are either already waiting in front of the door, or immediately come running when the door opens.  Today, I came home and was greeted by only Max prancing (yes, HE prances) toward me.  I waited a minute for Zoey to appear but she did not, so I went looking for her.  I looked in all her usual hiding places; under both beds, in the bathtub, etc., but to no avail.  I shook the treat jar, which usually brings them running, but still no Zoey.  I continued shaking the can, and searching, while getting more and more nervous.  Then suddenly I heard a faint little mew from the bedroom.  I looked around and spotted a little orange and white paw waving from under the closet door.  Poor kitty was trapped in the closet!


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