How Do I Respond?

I recently had a conversation with a friend who told me about some really difficult trials she had been going through.  The things she told me about were truly horrible, and heart-breaking, and far exceed anything I have ever experienced.  And yet, she handled it all with so much grace.  In the midst of this terrible time, instead of blaming God or questioning how He could have allowed this to happen to her, she turned to God and allowed Him to bring her to the point of forgiveness toward someone who had greatly sinned against her.

This conversation was incredibly convicting to me and made me really think about how I respond to the difficulties in my life, and how I view God in the midst of trouble.   Do I turn to God when things get tough, or do I blame and question him?  I really want to be more like my friend and not play the role of the victim.  I want to allow God to use the trials in my life to grow me and to draw me nearer to Him.


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