Happy Birthday to my Noob!

Today is my sweet hubby’s 25th birthday!  Yay! He’s a big boy now!  So here is a list of just a few of the things that makes my husband so wonderful!

1.  He loves Jesus, and I love to see how excited he gets every week about church.

2.  He is such a hard worker. He works long, hard days and doesn’t complain (other than about the aches and pain that the work often produces) and then he comes home and works hard at home too!

3.  He gets me, he laughs at all my dumb jokes and my sarcastic humor.

4.  He is the best snuggler in the whole world.  Especially in the winter, because he is like a little furnace and keeps me warm.

5.  He has a beautiful, shiny bald head that I LOVE so much.  He finally shaved off the hair he attempted to grow this fall and he just looks so handsome, actually HOT is the word that comes to mind!

6.  He takes good care of me, always being a servant in our home.

7.  He makes me laugh like no one else can… although many times I am laughing AT him, and not just WITH him!  😉

8.  He is a great dad to our kitties.  He spends lots of time caring for them, cleaning up after them, and playing for them.

9.  He is generous and loves to give, even when it’s something small like bringing a bottle of pop or a flower home for me.

10.  Have I mentioned he’s HOT???


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