WIWW Revelations

After two (three?) weeks of “What I Wore Wednesday” failures on my part, I have narrowed it down to a couple of excuses revelations about why:

1.  I do not have a mirror in my house that I can take a good photo of myself in.  The only full length one in the house is quite narrow and in order to stand far enough away from it that you can see all (or most) of me in it, I become too small to see anything clearly.  The bathroom mirror only gets me from about the chest up, which defeats the purpose of taking a picture.

2.  In general, most days I REALLY HATE having my picture taken.

Despite my excuses, I still really want to participate in WIWW, but I’ve learned a couple of things and am going to tweak the process to fit me personally.  So here is what I’ve learned in relation to those things:

1.  In the future I need to either have a co-worker take pictures of me at work in the morning when I still look fresh and cute-ish, or have my husband take a photo of me each night in the outfit I will be wearing the next day (more on this later).

2.  A BIG part of why I hate having my picture taken is because it reminds me of how much weight I have gained in the last year and a half (more on that later and also in an upcoming post).  Even though I have been trying really hard to wear cute, stylish outfits every day, I still don’t feel cute and stylist on a lot of days.  So, rather than depress myself you with photos of days I’m not feeling so hot, I’m just going to take/post photos from days where I feel good about myself.  Then I/we can look back and see that I actually CAN look cute and that will hopefully result in much fewer tears in the walk-in closet as I attempt to get ready each morning.

I have also come to realize that I have some interesting dressing habits, and I’m curious whether anyone else does this, or if you have any unusual dressing/clothing habits of your own?

Due to my clumsiness the nature of my job, I typically come home a bit of a mess.  I ALWAYS have hair all over me (I’m a hair stylist, what do you expect), and I often get hair color, product, and the occasional snack, all over my clothes (yes, I wear an apron, and it always seems to remain quite clean).  Therefore, I tend to run in the door after work and immediately change my clothes, and often need to shower right away to rinse off prickly hairs from places that aren’t appropriate to talk about.

If I’m staying in for the night, I usually just throw on something comfy and casual, anything from jeans to sweats to pj’s (and NO you won’t be getting photos of any of that).  If I’m going out for the evening, I usually put on something a little nicer.  Since my outfits are only getting worn for half a day, I can re-wear the “going out” outfit to work the next day (thanks to the Michigan Smoking Ban!!!).

So, back to the weight issue.  I’ve decided that another purpose for the WIWW is going to be a weight-loss tracker for me, and anyone else who might care.  I’ve been slowly losing a pound here and there over the last couple of months without really doing much intentionally (once again, more on this in another post), but I’ve determined two things:



All this to say, WIWW is still on, but with a slightly different method and goal.  Please don’t judge me if I miss a week, it’s gonna take some time to make this a regular habit!


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