Max & Sheldon

Ever since we decided to allow the cats in the bedroom a few weeks ago, they have been fascinated by Sheldon The Turtle, Max especially!  He’s only seen Sheldon a couple of times before (and Zoey never has) and so the turtle is quite intriguing to him.  I haven’t determined just yet whether he wants to play with him… or eat him…  For the last several days Max, and occasionaly Zoey, will sit on the floor in front of Sheldon’s aquarium and just watch whenever he is on the move.  This morning Max figured out that he could actually jump up on top of it, and he did it twice.  YIKES!!!  I didn’t let him stay up there long enough to get a picture of him on it, but you can see from the photo that it is quite high up.  We definitely won’t be leaving the bedroom door open when we are not home.


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