10 Things I Am Thankful For Today 10/28/10

1.  Zoey is home from the vet (getting spayed) and appears to be recovering quite nicely.

2.  Got my room cleaned and organized and setting up a nice little office space for myself.

3.  I created an awesome website for my business this week for free on Google Sites.

4.  We had a great talk with my parents the other day and they were very encouraging.

5.  A friend loaned me The Mortal Instruments Trilogy so I didn’t have to buy it!

6.  I got a new coat from Kohl’s that is really cute and keeps me nice and warm.

7.  Finally killed the fly that has been buzzing around the bedroom since yesterday.

8.  We cancelled comcast yesterday and are getting ACD.net hooked up tomorrow.

9.  Went to Cancun last night, love me some Chicken Chimichangas and Margarita!

10.  Saw the movie RED last night and absolutely loved it AND got free popcorn.


2 thoughts on “10 Things I Am Thankful For Today 10/28/10

  1. Thank you for your offer Mark. We’ve had a lot of problems with Comcast though and haven’t been able to resolve them so we just decided to try a small local company for our internet. It just got hooked up today and is running so much faster than our old service and is quite a bit cheaper.

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