10 Things I Am Thankful For Today 9/27/10

1.  My new kitty, Zoey, who is so cute and cuddly!

2.  A very profitable work week last week (and hopefully another one this week).

3.  My in-laws for bringing over tons of canned tomatoes for us.  Noob made chili with some this weekend.

4.  Gilded Lady where I find great ideas and inspiration.

5.  An opportunity to really see my husband’s soft side as he loved on baby Zoey cat!

6.  The reminder at church this weekend that I am more valuable to God than the birds of the air, and the flowers of the field.

7.  A Hair-cutting Class I will be attending today.

8.  My sister for giving me a sweet cup with a lid and straw (sippy-cup) so I can stop destroying our carpet.

9.  My husband for ferociously scrubbing stains out of previously mentioned carpet over the weekend.

10.  Jesus, because he should always be included on any thankful list!  🙂


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