10 Things I Am Thankful For Today 9/20/10

1.  The LEAD conference at Riverview this weekend.  I learned to much, and was encouraged and inspired.

2.  An amazing time serving with my life group at Epic (Riv’s college group) on the welcome team and with tear-down.  It’s great to serve with friends!

3.  Nate & Neena, a new couple who just joined our life group.  I am so excited to get to know them.

4.  Birthdays!  My family has several of them this week and so we all get to have dinner together and celebrate!

5. Character Makeover, a 40 day devotional I am going through with a friend of mine.  This week we learned about humility.

6.  Prince of Persia, the video game.  We found a game that my husband and I both really enjoy and spent lots of time playing it together this weekend.

7.  The weather, I got so sick of sweating all summer and I am so much more active and energized by this refreshingly cool weather.

8.  Blogs and blogging, I’ve been reading so many blogs that inspire me spiritually and business-wise and many that just make me laugh.  I hope that mine at least occasionally does one or the other for those who read it!

9.  My clients.  I get so excited every time I see another name on my schedule, new or not!

10.  My husband, who really stepped up and showed me his ability to be a leader this weekend.


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