Dreams & Aspirations

There are so many things that I want to do, that I just never seem to get around to.  I tend to just get caught up in my day-to-day activities and never seem to accomplish anything new/extra.  After just one year of marriage, my husband and I have become very settled in our daily routine and we don’t make a lot of room for new adventures and activities.  I’m very happy and quite comfortable in our little life together, but I realize that there is still sometime more that I’m looking for.  Some of the things I desire are serious and some may seem silly, even frivolous but that’s ok because it’s my life and my dream!

I want:

… to be a better blogger.  I want to blog with more frequency and with more variety.  I have so many thoughts running around in my head and I just don’t take the time to actually let them all out.  I read other people’s blogs (many by people I don’t even know) and they inspire me.  The creativity with which they write, and the subjects they choose to write on make me want to do the same.

… to start playing the guitar again.  I used to play almost daily when I was involved in leading music at church and in other venues, but I just recently picked up my guitar for the first time since I’ve been married and could only play for a few minutes before my fingers became raw and I had to stop.  I love music, love to play, love to sing, and love to write.  I have a need in me to be musical again.

… to learn how to better promote both of my businesses as a Stylist at Changes Hair Design and a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant.  This should probably be number one on my list, but it is the one that I am currently feeling the least motivated with.  I have put a lot of effort into promoting myself in the past and have recently experienced some frustration which has lead to a bit of a lull on my part. I have recently gotten connected with a couple of local networking groups, so I am hopeful that will be helpful with bringing in new business.

… to begin working out on a regular basis and get myself healthy, and in better shape.  Last month my husband and I joined Anytime Fitness which is just down the street from our house.  We’ve only been there about 3 times.  Not long before we joined, I severely sprained my ankle and it has hindered me from doing a lot of cardio which I desperately need.  I have also been struggling with a few other miscellaneous physical ailments that have not allowed me to go to the gym.  I actually enjoy working out once I get beyond that initial painful stage and start to feel like I’m actually accomplishing something.  I just need to get out there and start slow and work myself to that point.

… to get my house ridiculously organized.  I am a neat freak at heart, but have a hard time actually putting that into practice.  I thrive in a clean and organized environment and when I don’t have that, I tend to be easily distracted and don’t generally function well.  I’ve been reading a blog called Organizing Junkie and it has given me all kinds of ideas for eliminating clutter, and getting myself and my home more organized.

… to learn to be a better cook.  I have always enjoyed cooking/baking and do a reasonably good job of it, but for a long time I have had the desire to take a cooking class.  Seeing Julie & Julia last year was just further inspiration.  I would love to be able to whip up a gourmet meal and throw a dinner party.  I’ve been reading quite a few cooking blogs that have also recently inspired me such as Our Best Bites, Annie’s Eats, and Joy In My Kitchen.  I also signed up for a subscription to E-mealz, which provides you with a weekly dinner menu and grocery list all for $5 a month.  This is not exactly gourmet cooking, but has allowed me to try a lot of new things and has giving us a great deal of variety in our meals.

Well, that’s what I’m dreaming about at the moment.  There’s always more, but I thought I would focus on a few that I am either already working on, or can easily being working on in the immediate future.  So, wish me luck or send up a prayer.  I hope to be a more well-rounded, and more fulfilled person in the near future!


2 thoughts on “Dreams & Aspirations

  1. Love you sis! I too struggle with many of these things. I understand so much of the hardship of just doing the basics. DON’T EVERY GIVE UP! I’m pretty sure there are more out there like us too…

    For me, being physically strong has a lot to do with my motivation to get other things in order in my life. When I’m weak, everything else gets put on hold to accommodate for my tiredness. Get strong first!

    I love that you’re playing guitar again! Practice up and let’s get together…


  2. Thanks for sharing your aspirations! You can totally do the cooking one — I can vouch for that! I’m glad you’re finding inspiration from my blog — that makes me smile.

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