30 Random Things About Me!

1 ) Gerber Daisies are my favorite flower.

2 ) I stole the magic from Disneyland (according to a guy who once took me there on a date… and NO, that was definitely NOT a compliment).

3 ) I once ate a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup filled with maggots. (NOT on purpose)

4 ) I have broken both of my ankles, my foot, and most of my fingers and toes (to name a few).

5 ) I have dated someone 15 years older than myself, and 9 years younger.

6 ) I absolutely love my job as a hair stylist, I would continue doing hair even if I never had to work another day in my life!

7 ) I am mildly obsessed with text messing.

8 ) I saw the movie Twilight 8 times (at least) in the theater. Not because I necessarily wanted to see it that many times but people just kept asking me to go see it, so I did! πŸ™‚

9 ) I want to learn how to REALLY play the guitar someday, I can play a little and have an awesome guitar, but I want to be great!

10 ) I am terrified of heights, but my fear motivates me to do crazy things like rock-climbing and repelling and riding roller coasters.

11 ) I am a severe control freak, and I am in the process of learning to just let go!

12 ) I love cheese!

13 ) If for some reason I wasn’t able to be a hair stylist, I would probably be an interior decorator.

14 ) I love to read and am an extremely fast reader.

15 ) Pepperidge Farm Orange Milano Cookies are my favorite!

16 ) I have severe stage fright but have performed in front of crowds for most of my life.

17 ) I taught first grade for only one year at a Christian School in California.

18 ) I am a perfectionist who likes everything to be structured, scheduled, and orderly (Although my bedroom would seem to indicate otherwise at the moment).

19 ) When I die, I want people to remember me for how much I loved others. (I am definitely working on this!!)

20 ) I want to learn to be a better friend. (I think this goes along with #19)

21 ) I have a slight shoe fetish.

22 ) I love to cook, but rarely follow a recipe!

23 ) When I was a toddler my family lived in a K.O.A. campground for 6 weeks when we were moving from CA to MI and we did not yet have a house.

24 ) I desperately want to visit both Ireland and Italy someday.

25 ) I want to get married someday, but have no desire to have a traditional wedding ceremony.

26 ) I am currently taking a class at my church called Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey and am learning how to budget, get out of debt, and make responsible financial decisions for my future!

27 ) I despise washing dishes, even if it’s just rinsing them and putting them in the dish washer!

28 ) Soggy bread disgusts me! I won’t eat it, or touch it, I won’t even look at it. It makes me nauseous!

29 ) I absolutely love Facebook because it has helped me to reconnect with so many long lost friends, and has allowed me to keep in much better contact with all of my long distant friends.

30 ) The most difficult thing about my job is having to make small talk with new clients.


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