Car Woes

This morning I had to take my car in to get worked on. Not sure what the problem is, but last night when I was driving home, all of the lights on my dashboard started flashing as well as the clock and the cd player. It kinda freaked me out because the seatbelt, the anti-lock brake, AND the airbag lights were all flashing. That’s defintely not something you want to see while driving along extremely icy roads! LOL! I was afraid I’d slide, my brakes wouldn’t work and I’d end up flying out the window because of a non-functional seatbelt and airbag! Yeah, that would have been a real bummer! So they are supposed to look at the car either later today or sometime tomorrow and get back to me about what is wrong. I am hoping that it is nothing too serious (a.k.a. Expensive). I am so thankful that I now have an Emergency O.S. Fund that should at least cover a good chunk of it! Thanks to Dave Ramsey and FPU (and God, of course)!


One thought on “Car Woes

  1. Praise God, it was just a belt that needed replacing. Only cost me $124.00. I went to All Auto Service on Pennsylvania Ave in Lansing (517-484-5424). They were wonderful! Very friendly, and did great work! They came highly recommended to me, and I highly recommend them as well!

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