Update FROM Dad

 WOW!    Thank you all for praying.  There were over forty of you wrote and said you would pray.  Here is how God answered.


I was told to be at the hospital at ten am for noon surgery.  We showed up at 9:45 and they said we are taking you right in for surgery.  They seem to be in a hurry.  Evidently God wasn’t.


When I got into the pre-op my blood pressure decided to take a trip high, 217/104.  They did not like that.  I told them God was in control of it because all of you were praying and God’s timing was always right.  I was able to give God the glory and praise to each caregiver through the whole procedure.


Pastor Royce showed up to pray with me but I had already gone.  Also our two daughters showed but were too late.   Then there were two good friends, Ken and Ken, but they were late also.  But God was never late.


After being given three shots to bring the pressure down and waiting over two hours it came down.  Of course, my family thought I was already in surgery.


Well, for the next three hours I really don’t know what happened.  However, this is what I was told.  Dr. John Flood found a little more damage then he expected.  Not only was the rotator cuff tendon torn but it was kind of shredded, which made it a little more difficult to attach.  Then there was some calcium that had built up that had to be cleaned up.  Then they had to cut off the end of a bone.  I’m not sure what that meant.


Finally, at five pm I got to see Ruth.  Andrea and Juleen gave up and went home. (Ahem… Juleen had to go back to work… and Andrea had to pick up her children)


Dr. Flood said that my worst time would come about two to three o’clock in the morning.  So, Ruth decided to stay the night with me.  Thanks to your prayers and God’s blessing I had a good night.


Remember I asked you to pray about my back pain?  Well, since the surgery the back pain has not returned.  Please don’t stop praying.  Praise the Lord!


About three pm Friday I got to come home.  I now wait for two weeks and then see the doctor.  If all is well I will begin several weeks of physical therapy three days a week.


What a time to have such a loving and caring wife.  Ruth has always been such a blessing to me.  I thank her and all of you for your prayers and concerns.


This has been typed with my own left hand.


Blessings,  Frank


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