Two Updates on Grace

Thanks for continuing to pray for my friend Grace as she recovers from her surgery.  Here are two more updates from her sister Hannah.  

Hello Family and Friends!

   Here is a quick update on Grace since her surgery last week (2/13/08). She appreciates your prayers and thoughts. She doesn’t know when she will be discharged, but if you’d like to send her emails, she will look forward to reading them when she’s home:

    The surgery went well, but she developed a few moderate complications over the weekend. She has a high fever that comes and goes, abdominal swelling, a high heart rate, and a low white blood cell count (risk for infection). She had to start fasting again, but was then able to introduce clear liquids last night. Gastrointestinal activity is painful and laborious, but she is a trooper. Not sure most of us could tolerate that kind of pain.

   She says: “Let people know I have three prayer needs: (1) that my white blood cell count would go up to a normal range so I am no longer at risk for developing an infection which could cause serious complications; (2) my fevers would stop; and (3) that my digestive system would begin working again– it’s painful and difficult while it ‘relearns’ what to do”.

   Love, Hannah



Hi Family and Friends!

  Good news! The doctors discovered that Grace’s symptoms were primarily due to an easily treated infection.  They apologized for not finding it sooner– they were looking for bigger/more complex problems. Grace is also being given “immune booster shots” and her WBC has gone up. They will continue to administer those boosters as needed. The surgeon now has an endocrinologist working with her (interestingly, he is the same endocrinologist who worked with Max when he was admitted to the ICU 2 years ago with severe diabetes symptoms).

  Thank you so much for your support and prayer! There is no projected discharge date yet for Grace– the surgeon just said “it will be a while”. Please continue to send your words of encouragement and prayer! Unfortunately, she can’t have flowers right now, but if you’d like to send a card, please use the address below. Grace asked me to communicate that due to her fatigue and need for rest, she kindly requests no visitors. She will let us know when she’s strong enough for visitors (and I’ll send another update). Thank you for your support, your prayers and encouragement are strengthening.

  Love, Hannah 🙂 


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