Follow Up On Grace

A post-surgery update from Grace’s sister:


Hello Family and Friends,

  Good news! Grace’s surgery went really well today! The surgeon told Tim that he was pleased with the removal of the ostomy bag, and the (minimal) intestinal work done to “start up the plumbing” again. We met with Grace in her hospital room around 4 today as she woke up from the anesthesia. It was endearing to see her tears of relief as Tim told her that the surgery went well. Perhaps even more sweet were her tears of joy as she looked at her abdomen to see the long-awaited absence of the ostomy bag. Grace asked me to forward along this request:  “Would you pray that my intestines begin to move things through and that I don’t experience a lot of nausea?”. Grace anticipates her discharge to be in 3-4 days. If you’d like to send her a note, please feel free to write to her email address because she will be able to check messages soon:

    Thank you to all for your thoughts, prayers and support. Hannah 🙂



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