On The Move

I am moving in two weeks!  Not too far away though!  I will be living with my friend Brie in her cute little house near downtown Lansing.  I have been busy packing over the last couple of weeks and have actually been able to move quite a bit of my stuff in already.  Saturday, March 1st is my official move in day when I will be finishing the job and bringing all of the big stuff over!  If you’ve got nothing better to do that day and want to help me move, be sure to let me know!  🙂 In the future you can contact me at: Juleen Luter 921 Cleveland Street Lansing, MI 48906 


One thought on “On The Move

  1. Hi Juleen!
    Sorry on March 1st (Lance’s Birthday) God willing, we will be in Hawaii!! We got an invite from a church to stop off on our next trip to the Mainland and share about God’s work in the Higaunon. We’d love to help you move though, if we could!
    Love you & miss you,

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