I’d Rather Text You Than Call You!

Everyone always gives me a hard time about my texting obsession, so I thought that this would be funny to share!  I’m so glad that other people can relate to me and my addiction!

 1. You never go over your minutes because you run out your text messaging limit. 2. You have more incoming calls than you do outgoing. 3. Depending on how crazy of a texter you are, you have to clear out your in/out box quite frequently. 4. You are annoyed when someone calls you while you are txting someone. 5. You hold serious conversations through txt messaging. 6. You risk your life to do it while driving. 7. You are the master of the T9 and ABC function. 8. If necessary, you can text without actually looking at what you are typing. 9. You are a speed texter. 10 You have texted the person you are talking about. 11. You hold multiple conversations via text messaging. 12. You are a drunk texter. 13. You get caught at work or in class texting someone. 14. If you aren’t texting, than you are sending picture and video messages. 15. You have been known to mass message 10-20 people at once. 16. You kill your battery because you text all day.17. You are annoyed when people don’t text you back because it cost $.10, get a freaking txting plan! 18. You like to be in constant contact with someone. 19. People tell you that you text too much. 20. You have initiated or received a booty call through text messaging. 21. People call you and you don’t answer, but you send them a text immediately after. 22. You have texted someone when they are in the same room, building, or within eye sight of you. 23. Basically you fear verbal communication with the outside world and you are the slave of text messaging. 24. You are not afraid to call; you just don’t feel like it.25. You’ve texted someone the same time you were talking to them on the phone26. You’ve run your phone bill over $1,000 due to obsession with texting and not having a texting plan, resulting in your phone being cut off and you having to go through withdrawal….27. You text someone while talking to someone else on the phone.28. Similar to #8, but you do it with your hand in your pocket. 29. You break up with your significant others through text messages.30. You initiate all dates via texting.31. You find ways to text in the weirdest situations i.e. right after sex, at a funeral, blowing out your birthday candles.32. You get annoyed when you text someone and they don’t reply within 15-60 seconds. It really pisses you off when you text someone and they don’t reply at all, especially when are trying to ask them an important question. You could just find out your answer in a few moments if you just called them…screw that!33. Even though there is no urgency, you race to your phone faster to look at your new text than take a call.34. You are carrying a text conversation, they then get tired of texting you and they call you. You don’t answer because you’d rather text than talk on the phone.35. You will wake up in the middle of the night if someone texts you and will get out of bed to read it at 4 a.m.36. You text while talking on the phone. You have to do it fast because the person on the other end hears you pressing buttons and asks what you are doing. All you say is “oh sorry” or “nothing”.37. While reading this list, you have been texting the entire time and texted someone about this group.38. You get mad when you send texts that are so detailed and you get one word texts back.39. When bored you just randomly text a whole bunch of people the same thing just to see who will text back the fastest40. You get annoyed when someone calls or texts you while you are typing a text. You are just trying to type once sentence, but keep getting interupted.


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