To Be A Blessing

Some time ago I wrote that I was debating whether or not to continue to “waste” my time (and yours) with blogging anymore.  In response I received several messages encouraging me to continue blogging.  Apparently there are people out there who are either amused by me… or at least feel better about their own lives after reading about mine! ;o)  I received one e-mail in particular that pretty much just made it all worthwhile to me.  A woman came across my blog when she Googled the name Juleen.   She had a daughter named Juleen who passed away about a year ago.  She read several of my posts from back in July about comfort and grief and said that she felt as if some of the things I had said were written just for her.  She proceeded to tell me about how my words had encouraged her, and she felt so blessed after reading it.  Some of my emotions and struggles were the same things that she had been going through.  She shared personal details from her own life and told me all about her daughter. A few days later as she read further into my blog, she came across my father’s name and realized that she had actually gone to college with my parents and that her daughter was named after the same woman that my parents had named me after.  What an incredible divinely appointed encounter!  I’ve since communicated with her via e-mail a couple of times and hope that she will continue reading and being encouraged by my words! 


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