Just About The Best Day Ever


joshduhamel1.jpg + barry_watson300.jpg =   3929811798.jpg

Ok… maybe not EVER… but it was pretty darn good never the less! For some unknown reason I didn’t have any clients scheduled at the salon today.  I decided that instead of pouting all day about not making money, I would make the most of it and take advantage of a day off.  I got up this morning and met my friend Kristi at Beaner’s (soon to be Biggby’s) for coffee (actually, I had a carmel apple cider).  We ran into Randi-Kay while we were there.  We caught up on life as usual until she had to head off to work!  Then I went to Target and bought myself a new winter coat.  I couldn’t decide whether to get it in deep red or in army green, so I put my handy-dandy little camera phone to good use and took a picture of myself in each and sent them off to Bree who was happy to assist in my decision making.  I went with her advice and got the olive green coat!  I think I might love it!  I also did something a little crazy… I bought a shirt that isn’t black!  Not only is in not black (it’s gray) but it’s got little sparkles all over it!  It was a bold move on my part, and I’m rather proud of myself!  I bought the movie Catch And Release as well.  I’m not gonna lie to you, the main reason I bought it was because of the cute boy!  I’ve recently developed a minor crush on Timothy Olyphant.  I’d seen him in a few things recently and thought he was adorable… but then last week I saw the movie Hitman… and he was soooo HOT!  He clearly worked out a little bit before filming the movie… and spend a large portion of it with his shirt off.  Who knew I could get so excited about a half naked man!  😉  He kind of looks like the love child of Josh Duhamel from Transformers and Barry Watson from Seventh Heaven (even if that was in some way possible, he’s actually older than both of them) Anyway, I digress… I bought the movie Catch And Release and came home and watched it this afternoon while doing some “work” on the computer (this is about when the aforementioned  J.T. incident occurred).  I may or may not have watched it twice…  I got a few things done around the house (although not as much as I would have liked… but what do you expect, I’m trying to ENJOY my day off).  Then tonight I went over to Andrew’s house with Bree and Noob and we watched a movie.  Bree made Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Cookies.  I think I had eight! Well, over all this has been a pretty fantastic day!  I certainly can’t complain!


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