J.T. Devil


You’ve got to be kidding me… the J.T. Devil is at it again!  I’m in the middle of doing a million things on my computer right now and can’t shut down for a while.  I was listening to some music on iTunes and it just started up again, completely overpowering the music I had on.  So, I keep hearing “go ahead, be gone with it… and get your sexy on…”  Maybe it’s a sign!  Who knows!  Well, keep reading for future updates! And GET YOUR SEXY ON!!!! 


2 thoughts on “J.T. Devil

  1. The great part of this is that I’m imagining you’re really excited about this song everytime it plays. If you have windows you can press ctr+alt+del; sometimes the application doesn’t show on the taskbar. I still recommend avgfree or some other application to clean up your system though.

  2. ok, this whole thing is hilarious. after reading your previous JT posession entry, I felt the need to listen to that song while cleaning…so I turn my dock on and it was still on random from when company was here from Thanksgiving…and out of over 600 songs, guess WHICH ONE starts blaring out of the speakers? you got it. sexy back. it’s a conspiracy. he is trying to take over the world, or the airwaves, or our brains…or blogs…or something
    thanks for the smile

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