My goal was to have 30 posts for the month of November in honor of NaBloPoMo.  Not necessarily a new post written on each day, but at least one to represent every day.  This here is #26 (yes, it counts even though it’s lame) and I have 2.5 days left to finish off the next 4.  I actually have a whole list of unpublished blogs just waiting to be completed… so hopefully I will be able to muster up the inspiration necessary to either finish a few of those off or come up with some new ideas.  I’ll try really hard not to be totally lame… I promise!


2 thoughts on “#26

  1. That IS a good story… I’m not sure I can tell it quite like I used to… and I don’t know if it will be as good in writing. It’s not the same without the gestures and sound effects!

    Another good one is Stealing The Magic From Disney Land! I’ll have to write that up one of these days too!

    Any others you can think of? When are we going to start writing that book?

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